Atex Dampers

Atex Dampers

Atex Dampers

Atex Zone 1

CE EX II2G c IIC  T1..6X


  • To Cover Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • ATEX  Dampers are similar to Dampers but are manufactured mainly of Stainless Steel or Aluminium. Dampers can be upgraded to give the same characteristics of a Gas Retention.


  • Casing 304 and 316 Stainless steel and Aluminium >7.5% mass of Magnesium available.
  • Blades 0.7mm Double skin, ‘z’ Type blades
  • Bushes bronze Oilite Bushe or Nylon Bushes
  • Spindles Stainless Steel to maximise life expectancy
  • Shims Fitted with stainless steel spring loaded side shims to minimize the gap between the casing and blades
  • Sizes All items are custom made to size but we can achieve in 100mm to 2000mm wide and 100mm to 3000mm high

Compliance report available upon request