Fixed Blade Louvres

Fixed Blade Louvres

To Restrict Rain entering Building – 50% open


  • Casing re-Galvanised Mild Steel , Aluminium, 304 Stainless or 316L. Pre-Galvanised Mild Steel is used as Standard whilst thicker gauges can be used necessary to achieve the required specification. Fully welded casing with welds cleaned flush and dressed as necessary.
  • Flanges Self Flanged and un-drilled as standard. RS angle flanges cleaned and primed painted, can be fitted.
  • Finish Powder coating on blades and casing available.
  • BirdGuard ½” sq Mesh or insect mesh can be fitted if necessary.

Size Restriction

If size restrictions are exceeded louvres will be supplied in modules.

  • Max Height 2500mm
  • Max Width 2500mm



Pressure DropPressure Drop