Design: By definition the Eliminator should  protect against water and dust which is achieved by the R17 filter pads and offer protection against low pressure jets of water from all directions. Limited ingress is permitted.

Protection against ingress of solid foreign objects:

IPnX: IP6X    Category 2     Test Duration:8 Hours

Protection against ingress of water with harmful effects indicated:

IPXn:IPX5     Flow Rate:12.5 Litres/Minute  Test Duration:3 Minutes

Results IP Value: IP65

Tested by Cambridge Refrigeration Technology To BS EN 60529:1992



Casing:-2mm Pre-Galvanised Mild Steel , Aluminium, 304 Stainless or 316L.

Pre-Galvanised Mild Steel is used as Standard whilst thicker gauges can be used necessary to achieve the required specification. Fully welded casing with welds cleaned flush and dressed as necessary.

Blades:-  Specially designed extruded PVC Material.

Flanges:- Self Flanged and undrilled as standard. RS angle flanges cleaned and primed painted, can be fitted.

Fingerguards:- 1/2”sq Mesh used as standard. Insect mesh is also Available.

Finish:-Powder coating on blades and casing available.


Temperature:-    Standard Range -5ºC to 60ºC (can go to -20ºC but material becomes brittle)pvc