Low Temperature Dampers

Low temperature damper

Low Temperature Motorised Damper

Low Temperature Dampers are designed to work in exactly the same way a manual or motorised damper would just at a lot lower temperatures e.g. -40ºc

  • Actuation Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic all available.
  • Casing  2mm Galvanised mild Steel as standard. Stainless steel and Aluminium available.
  • Blades  0.7mm Double skin, ‘z’ type blades fitted with PVC coated Flame retardant polyether to maximise sealing.
  • Bushes  Machined Low Temperature Bronze buses to ensure tightness of seal between casing and spindle.
  • Spindles  S/S to maximise life expectancy.
  • Shims  Fitted with St/St spring loaded side shims to minimise the gap between casing and blades.

Actuators can be fitted with heater jackets to allow the motor, pneumatic or hydraulic to operate in such low temperatures.

Also the job can be lined with Styrofoam to keep all of the mechanism within a certain temperature to allow it to operate properly.